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Peter Haken - Wildlife Filmmaker & Photographer

I'm a professional wildlife filmmaker camera operator/ photographer shooting on Z Cam cinema cameras. My other business is Swanky Pixels, a web design studio based in the UK specialising in CMS website design. My passion is creating content; I love being behind the camera, not in front too much ;-)

I love being creative, and it just does not feel like work.

You can see Swanky Pixels here:

Back in 2018, I felt slightly down, did not feel creative and had lost my mojo. I took myself on a road trip with my Dalmatian dog called Delilah. I wanted to try and re-kindle my passion again, so we went to Exmoor, a place I had never been to before.

We aimed for the national park, left in the middle of the night, to be there before dawn. We just sought the moor on the map and pulled over into a sort of field/car park. It was foggy and dark, so we could not see where we had parked. Put a brew on and started preparing for a day walking.

Then a bellowing sound erupted very closeby, to be honest, I felt scared, until I suddenly realised what had made the noise, a Red Deer Stag. I had never seen one, let alone heard one. Let's say I found my passion again, or had it found me?

Peter Haken